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Eastar Agency has been for years serving the state of Texas now we are proudly serving many other states like Iowa, Florida, and others. If you need personal or business insurance one of our agents will be more than glad to help. Eastar Agency also has licensed realtors to help you in your realty needs.


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Call us for insurance or reaty.

We have many carriers to save you money. From Progressive, Nationwide, Falcon, and many more. One call gives you 20 quotes and estimates. We can do a market valuation to let you know the best price to sell your home. Call us for nany insurance and realty needs. 

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Here you can get a quick quote or a price for your home. Just enter the information need it and skip or enter N/A in the fields that dont apply to you. You can call us Monday to Friday 9am to 9pm to do it by phone, or pass by the office. Thank you 

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